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The top 11 free PC games for 2020 are listed below.

There has never been a better time for PC gamers. Every single day, a brand-new video game is released. Is the price going to be affordable? But fear not—plenty of fantastic free PC games are out there.

So many online free games can be challenging to choose just one to play. The top free PC games of 2020 are listed here. All of the “Genre Alternatives” are also publicly available.

1. Fortnite

In 2017, the video game Fortnite Battle Royale from Epic Games swept the globe. It has continued to grow since then, gaining more fans and players while also being launched on different video game systems.

Free-to-play battle royale games have a crowded market. With its approachable gameplay and intense cartoon-style action, Fortnite outperforms the competition regardless of what other development teams offer.

Epic Games also keeps Fortnite interesting. Users are attracted to the game by the constant influx of fresh material in quest of better skins for their virtual characters, weaponry, and Fortnite’s recognizable victory dances.

Epic Games frequently changes the Fortnite game’s maps and environment to advance the plot.

One season, for instance, I saw a big meteor fly over the game’s map about halfway through. The asteroid slowly approached Dusty Depot before slamming into it, transforming the region into Dusty Divot and leaving smaller craters throughout the rest of the surrounding countryside.

Since then, the Fortnite storyline has continued to develop, and Epic Games has earned multiple honors for its innovative storytelling strategies.

Check out our cheat sheet on the basics of Fortnite if you want to learn more about the game. You might soon break into the streaming industry.

2. Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is undoubtedly the most fascinating, captivating, and frustrating video game ever created. Dwarf Fortress’s creators, Bay 12 Games, still offer the game’s free upgrades. So, what precisely is it?

Dwarf Fortress is a game that may be played as a roguelike, management sim, exploration level, and more. It’s because, as you struggle to maintain your dwarven colony happy, comfortable, fed, and productive, you have many options at your disposal.

The graphics in the original artwork were terrible. It is unnecessary to be vague. It takes some getting used to the complicated controls (which can also be problematic). On the other hand, the original Dwarf Fortress is a lighter, friendlier experience thanks to several great community tilesets.

3. Exile’s Path

Those who like Diablo and other dungeon-crawling RPGs will enjoy Path of Exile. One of the best free-to-play games is the 2013 title Path of Exile, which has since undergone multiple modifications.

The plot, made up of cliches from old role-playing games like being washed ashore, disoriented, and dressed in rags while vying to be the best beast slayer, could be more enjoyable. Path of Exile, on the other hand, aids in developing a distinctive character because of its expansive skill trees, excellent loot, and regular additions of new monsters, game systems, and play styles.

4. Magic: The Gathering arena

Magic: The Gathering Arena, a free digital collectible card game, delivers the popular Magic: The Gathering (MTG) game to your PC.

MTG Arena isn’t the first time the hugely popular tabletop battle card game has been digitally transformed. However, it is the first digital MTG version to follow the tabletop meta, allowing players to build decks corresponding to the game’s expansions.

It is just another instance of how MTG Arena is similar to a classic MTG game. You can still use land cards to construct your deck, open packs to obtain new and uncommon booster cards, and make mana.

MTG Arena is a free-to-play game with in-game microtransactions and booster pack payments. Even though you might come across someone with a premium deck now and then, most MTA Arena players use free decks, booster packs, and other similar goods.

Furthermore, even though it closely resembles the physical game, no prior knowledge is required to begin playing. The game has numerous tutorials explaining how the various game aspects operate and some crucial tactics.

We also enjoy MTG Arena’s animations as a whole. MTG was a tabletop game that remained stagnant for a very long period. With spectacular explosions and spinning summons, MTG Arena now brings your playing cards to life.

5. Destiny 2

2019 witnessed the conversion of Bungie’s online-only first-person shooter, Destiny 2, to a free-to-play format, making it available to everyone. Bungie updated the power level cap, content drops, and the systems for weapons, armor, and classes to encourage both returning and new players to access the new content. New game modes and otherworldly locations for Destiny 2 were also shown.

The ultimate result is a highly competitive space shooter in which three opposing factions battle it out for control of the Destiny 2 cosmos. Please refer to our beginner’s guide if you are new to Destiny 2.

Destiny 2’s frequently spectacular views and magnificent dungeons are worth investigating, even if you intend to spend less time there. Oh, and traveling in the Sparrows is enjoyable as well.

6. StarCraft II

Blizzard offered StarCraft II for free in 2017. As a result, one of the best real-time strategy (RTS) games is now freely available. The free-to-play version of StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty only contains the single-player campaign; it does not contain Heart of the Swarm, Legacy of the Void, or Nova Covert Ops.

The ranked multiplayer league tables are also included in the accessible version of StarCraft II. We’re still determining why you would put yourself through such a test but to each their own.

7. Heroes of the Storm

From its all-conquering RTS to the game, it doesn’t consider a MOBA. The company has a lot to offer. Although Heroes of the Storm isn’t a MOBA, it matches the description thanks to its five-on-five combat, lanes, ample hero choices (drawn from other Blizzard games), and emphasis on four distinct roles.

Heroes of the Storm is significantly more approachable when compared to its more well-known (or infamous) rivals, League of Legends and Dota 2. The audience appears to be more accepting, the roles are easier to understand, and the game possibilities vary with each battle to keep it fresh.

8. Planetside 2

In the multiplayer online first-person shooter Planetside 2, you compete to control several areas over a continental landscape. The combat in Planetside 2 can involve up to 2,000 players at once, making it a master of epic size. You can fight one opponent for hours before taking a break and returning later.

The most significant difference for gamers coming from Battlefield or Call of Duty is how long it takes to learn and level up skills and weapons. The development of such specialized abilities calls for extensive practice. It’s not a grind because you can approach the action from multiple directions, and the battles ebb and flow (or vehicle, for that matter).

9. Forza Motorsport 6: Apex

The magnificent cars, landscapes, and tracks from Forza Motorsport 6: Apex were made available for Windows 10 in 2016, along with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Forza Motorsport 6 was the first Forza game released for desktop PCs. Previously, Forza was exclusive to the Xbox.

The series’ reputation for large circuit designs and outstanding vehicle models is upheld in Forza Motorsport 6: Apex. Sixty-three cars in total will race in 12 different events.

10. Warframe

Warframe has a tonne of content, especially for a free game. The hoverboard skating mode is one of the other possibilities. There is a lot to learn about Path of Exile’s running and gunning (as opposed to hacking and slashing) and the game’s wide variety of weapons, loadouts, and play styles.

A complex plot, vast open-world locations to explore, and frequent content updates are all included. The sheer amount of information provided could be daunting, at least initially. It takes time to become familiar with the different game mechanics, and comprehension of crafting and blueprinting might also take time.

Because the Warframe community is one of the friendliest online, don’t be shy about asking questions. Probably someone has previously asked this question.

11. Everquest

Take your character growth back to one of the first MMOs with 110 levels, 500 zones, and a tonne of questlines. Yes, EverQuest is still active after more than two decades.

The Burning Lands expansion, which included new zones, raids, quests, and spells, was the game’s 25th piece of new content. It was released in 2018, 19 years after the first game.

Even though the aesthetics are a tad stale, EverQuest remains relevant in many other ways. There is many hours’ worth of quests for you and your buddies to do throughout Norrath.


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