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Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Video Game Multiplayer Online

RPG iconMMORPGs like World of Warcraft launch players into the WarCraft arena where they can interact without thousands of other players simultaneously playing the same story and doing the same quests.

Games like EverQuest, Star Wars The Old Republic, and Guild Wars are great examples.

Tactical RPGs Tactical RPG

Icon These RPGs put a lot of emphasis on tactics. They are usually set up like classic tabletop RPGs, where players and enemies are placed on a grid and use their unique abilities to make use of the environment through turns and turn-based movement.

Games like Banner Saga, Fallout, and Valkyria Chronicles are examples of tactical RPGs.


RPG games Sandbox RPG iconThese RPGs emphasize freedom for the player. The player controls a character in a detailed world in which they have almost complete control.

In Witcher III: Wild Hunt, the player controls the gruff Geralt of Rivia and can participate and complete quests at will. Similarly, Kingdom Come: Deliverance takes the player to Bohemia in the early 13th century, allowing the player to carry on as a young warrior. You can participate in history or just ride horses, hunt and camp.

Strategy Games Strategy

Icon These games emphasize strategy to complete objectives. Whether you play virtual chess or build your civilization, brainpower is encouraged to go to the end of the game.

This is another genre with multiple subgenres.


Icon 4XThese games are called ‘4X’ after the principles of the subgenre: “eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate”.

Games like Civilization are the staples of the subgenre, in which you start out humble as a few units, eventually build your cities and arsenals, and destroy enemy players through combat, diplomacy, or technological advancement.

Grand Strategy Grand Strategy

IconThese games are all about the big picture. Many great strategy games are based on history: games like Europa Universalis and the Total War franchise are great strategies.

In them, you must lead a nation or faction to victory, manage the economy, research technology and, of course, military might.

Real Time Strategy

iconRTS real time strategy games are all about gathering resources and crushing your opponent, all in real time. Games like Age of Empires and StarCraft are the standard.

Collecting enough resources to build your weapons and units to destroy your opponent is the name of the game.

Mobile Online Battle Area

MOBA Icon Outside of the ‘DotA’ mod, MOBAs have become extremely popular.

You are set on a map with 4 corners, in which you must score more points than your opponent or destroy him.

Popular examples of MOBA games are League of Legends, Smite, Heroes of the Storm, Defense of the Ancients, Arena of Valor, Heroes of Newerth, and Vainglory, among others.


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