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Game Types


Stealth Games Stealth

Icon Stealth games have the player act on the sly, making them accomplish their mission through subterfuge and cunning. Are you good enough to sneak from one side of the map to the other without being seen? Challenging and atmospheric stealth games allow for experimentation and creativity.

Games like Metal Gear Solid, the Thief series, and Splinter Cell are all stealth titles.

Fighting Games Fighting

Icon With the famous release of Street Fighter II in 1991, fighting games experienced a huge surge in popularity. These titles pit you against a human or AI opponent, testing your combo knowledge and reflexes.

Street Fighter II, Tekken, and Mortal Kombat are some iconic fighting games.

Survival Games Survival

Icon In survival games, players are taken into a harsh environment (think jungle, desert, arctic), usually with few or no tools, and given the basic task of survival. This trend has been increasing in recent years. With games like Rust, the survival genre becomes more and more legit. It is a mix of strategy, action and role-playing.

Rust, The Forest and Day Z are survival titles.


Survival Horror iconThese games are sure to make your blood run cold and give you a fright. The player is thrown into an actively (usually) antagonistic environment, populated by supernatural horrors, forcing them to use their combat and intuition to survive.

Games like Resident Evil were pioneers in the genre. Walking around the mansion, stalked by zombies and other horrors, gave the player the option to fight or flee when it came to the ghoulish horrors they encountered. He even coined the phrase “getting into survival horror in the first game.”

Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Alone in the Dark are all survival horror titles.

Text Games Text

IconThis refers to fully text-based games, where the game type includes commands to progress the story. This was generally combined with role-playing game titles.

The game often asked the player with an open ending “What are you doing?” after describing the environment in which it is located. If the player wakes up in a cave, the player could type “turn left”, “light torch”. , and ‘walk forward’ to progress through the game.

This was a great combination of fiction writing and role-playing games.

Interactive Movie Interactive

IconThe Dragon’s Lair game was a famous pioneer in this genre. In it, there is a pre-recorded ‘movie’, with the player controlling some aspect of the action.

In Dragon’s Lair, you need to press the appropriate button to ensure you don’t fall into a spiked pit or avoid a fireball. This genre added an additional immersion for the player. However, the replay value is hampered by a linear story.


Playing Games RPG icon Role Playing Games are games in which the player assumes the “role” of a character in a (usually) fantasy setting, allowing the player to play the roles. These were made famous from board games like Dungeons & Dragons, in which players would take their created character and travel through dungeons and towns, using abilities to tailor their journey in unique ways.


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